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Hi.  i just finished my first week of processed free living and so far so good. But I do have a couple
i have been having smoothies a couple mornings a week for my breakfast.  Is it OK 
to replace plain yogurt for the protein powder in the smoothies?
also, I am confused about the amount of whole grains.  Is it 1 serving of a whole grain such as brown rice,
buckwheat, quinoa, etc. plus 1 serving of whole grain crackers, plus one serving of bran and whole 
grain cereal?  Or is it one serving total from the three catagories??  


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In Skinny Beginnings, it is one serving total for the day (see the Table on page 276 for the Skinny Beginning Daily Regimen).  

You can select from the portion sizes listed on page 280, which include whole grains, whole grain crackers, and Bran and Whole-Grain Cereals.  For instance, for your one serving of whole grains per day, you can have a 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice OR 2 brown rice cakes OR 1/2 cup of cooked oat bran.

One serving per day of whole grains is to help with your weight loss.

Once you get to Skinny for Life, you may increase to 2 or more portions of whole grains per day.

Yogurt is considered a protein, so yes it can be used in smoothies in place of protein powder.  

Dee McCaffrey
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